About the Dark Arts Festival

The Salt Lake City Dark Arts Festival began in the year 1993. Originally named the Communion Dark Arts Festival, its purpose was to bring together different elements of the underground in a single large-scale event that would be a celebration of our culture, created by the scene for the scene. It was also a reaction to the more mainstream art establishment. One that not only wouldn't acknowledge underground artists, but sent out the message that somehow, for some reason, artists from a gothic/industrial or punk rock background didn't deserve the same credibility as "serious" artists, musicians and performers.

After the second festival in 1994, Communion Dark Arts lay dormant until resurrected as an annual event in 2001. Over the years, the event now known simply as the Dark Arts Festival has grown in size and ambition. However, the DIY ethic remains essential. The event is funded at a grass-roots level. Over the course of the year, people make individual contributions, and we hold various fund-raising events. We do actively seek sponsors and partners to underwrite the costs of the festival; one hundred percent of the funds raised are used to benefit the present and future festivals.

In 2003, the Dark Arts Foundation of Utah incorporated with the state of Utah as a Nonprofit Organization to promote the arts of underground genres. All of the people responsible for the planning and execution of the festival do so as volunteers, generously donating their own time and money so that something like this will exist.

It is our hope that The Dark Arts Festival will continue to grow and remain true to its "by the scene, for the scene" DIY ethic. We would ultimately like to see Dark Arts become one of the premiere underground events held in the Western United States. This is not an unreasonable hope as long as people continue to believe in what Dark Arts stands for: individual vision, individual expression and the power of the arts to affect culture and the world as a greater whole.

Past Festivals